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Airplane Hanger Specials

To celebrate the new partnership with the New York Amateur Aeronautical Association, A1 Steel Buildings is proud to offer airplane hangar specials to all of our customers and members of the New York Amateur Aeronautical Association. You can choose from our full line of features for your airplane hanger. They come in a wide selection of colors. They are all certified to withstand high wind loads for your safety and safe storage of your airplane. We have also equipped our hanger doors with hydroswings for ease of use.

Now is the time to take advantage of this special offer and protect your valuable investment in your aircraft with a string and safe shelter that will protect it from violent storms and vandalism. Also a steel aircraft hanger can provide you a nice comfortable place to work on your airplane anytime you want. It doesn't matter if it is raining or too hot. You'll be comfortable and your airplane will be safe in your metal hanger.

We have recently made new improvements to our steel airplane hangers based on the input we received from our current customers. We have listened to their suggestion on how to improve it and make it more enjoyable for all potential aircraft owners out there. We only use column free space in our hanger designs so you can make the most use of your stele building. We can help protect and secure all planes and helicopters regardless if your climate concern is heavy snowfall, high winds or fluctuating temperatures.

Here are some of our most common airplane hangers. Of course we can customize a solution for your airplane needs. We can easily add office space., additional work space or enclosed parking spaces for you and your aircraft crew.
Size 55' x 55' x 17'
3000 work space
75' x 60' x 17'
4500 work space
65' x 110' x 17'
7100 work space
80' x 100' x 20'
8700 work space
Hanger Opening 50' x 15' 70' x 15' 60' x 15' 75' x 18'
Special Price $22,950 $29,750 $49,600 $62,950

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