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Colors and Building Options

Pacific Blue Fire Red Pine Green Hilton Sand
Burnished Slate Choco Brown Sandy Gold Forest Green
Crimson Red Ash Gray Dusty Rose Rocky Road
Sea Green Putting Green Baltic Blue Banana Yellow
Burnt Bronze Ice White Gray Stone Peach Cream
Farmer Red Chocolate Delight Continental Blue Cloud White
Trim Options
The building trim connects and covers the areas of your steel building. An example of this is the trim that forms connection between your roof and the side walls. The trim is more than simple decoration it helps seal in the building from the outside environment protecting your investment and making it more energy efficient. You can select any color above to be used for your trim. If you would like our design consultant would be happy to help you match your trim color with the color of your steel building walls so they attractively complement each other. One of extra options we offer at A1 Steel Buildings is jamb flashing. This provides extra trim for the jamb and header that make up a framed opening. This extra option can really improve the appearence of your building

Gutters and Downspouts
We can include gutters and downspouts as part of your building accessories in a special package. Gutters and downspouts can hand direct the waterflow away from your steel buildings foundation. No more will you have the rain splashing against the sides of the building with water and dirt.

Insulation We offers two basic steel building insulation products. Low foam insulation is 1/4" thick and has a R-7 insulation rating. It features an energy efficient reflective backing that creates a radiant block for superior insulation performance in the hotter climates. The second and more common selection is for standard fiberglass insulation. This provides an insulation rating of R-20. The standard fiberglass has a reinforced backing which does not require additional support. Both of these options are great energy savers and easily added to any steel building you order.

Air Ventilation
We offer a wide variety of ventilation accessories ranging from standard louvers to roof ventilators. We also offer bird screens and covers to prevent them from enter your air system

We are proud to provide
100% American made products.

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