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Custom Designed Buildings

If you have an unusual need that can not be met with standard steel building kits, A1 Steel Buildings can have one of our designers work with you to provide the perfect custom solution. Our custom designed buildings are very affordable and will meet your high expectations. The key parts of the building system that can be customized are the primary framing members, the secondary framing members, roofing, and the wall and accessories.

Our objective in providing a custom built solution is the same as our building kits to provide a high quality structure at a good value to our customers. We can configure our buildings to a variety of different sizes and with many different creative architectural additions to satisfy your requirements. The sheer availability of different building configurations and sizes offers many solutions to fulfill needs of the commercial, industrial community, and residential marketplace.

If your steel building needs involve something that is "nonstandard", we can still provide you with a practical and good value solution in almost every case. Our specially trained designers and architects believe nothing is impossible with some extra work, investment and time. It can be very surprising how affordable these custom built solutions can be.

We can provide framing in a variety of methods including bearing frames - post and beams. Also we can design frames which are rigid frames and handle the bracing between the main frames to form a complete structural system. Also we can handle different request with the roofing. If you need higher angled roofs to deal with high snowfalls or heavy rainfalls we can help you. We can make sure that your strong, long lasting steel building has the proper eave struts, purlins, girts and bracing so it will last a lifetime.

  • Our designers and architects are highly experienced in steel building construction
  • We guarantee your satisfaction with any of our steel building solutions
  • For cost-savings, check out our prefabricated steel buildings section
  • Dont worry contact us today and speak with an expert building designer

  • We are proud to provide
    100% American made products.

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