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Common Steel Building Questions

Are steel buildings an expensive option? Steel buildings are a very cost effective solution. Our buildings are very easy to install and generally constructed by the people that buy them saving the cost of hiring extra labor and lowering the assembly cost. Also our buildings are very strong and nearly 100% maintenance free. This will save you money for the entire time you own the building. Also steel buildings are often the only structures left intact after extreme storms. In the long-term steel buildings save you more money than traditional wood structures. Our pre fabricated steel buildings offer the biggest construction savings.

What are the buildings made of? We only use 100% American made steel. We generally use heavy gauge steel for added strength but can use other steel if it will benefit the design of the building structure. We also can use a variety of materials to provide you with perfect matching windows.

Are the buildings insulated? We offer a variety of insulation solutions for our steel buildings. We will be able to provide a perfect match with your needs and our range of insulation R-values. We can help you reduce your energy costs by ensuring your building is energy efficient.

How secure is the steel building? Steel framed buildings are connected with bolts and screws. These are more secure fastenings which makes steel buildings one of the strongest structures you can buy. Conventional wood structures are much weaker since they are held together with nails and nails are not locked into position. As time goes by wooden structures will warp and move thus weakening the nail connections. Since steel does not change over time the connections will remain as tight and strong as when they were erected.

What is the appearance of the buildings? All surfaces of the steel building are coated with a protective paint that will ensure their long lasting beauty. You can customize the colors of your steel building to ensure a professional look to match your existing buildings.

Do these buildings require planning permission? Some of our smaller kits do not require planning permission. Many of our larger stele building solutions do. Please speak with one of our engineers to determine what is required for your area.

Do A1 Steel Buildings meet my local building codes requirements? We guarantee that our steel building solution for you will meet or exceed you local building code requirements for fire safety, load bearing, snowfall and all other code requirements. Our registered engineers work hard to ensure your safety and local compliance. If you have any questions please contact one of our engineers for a free consultation.

What area does A1 Steel Buildings Inc. service? We can provide steel buildings to anywhere in the United States. We have several strategic shipping points across the U.S. to ensure your products are delivered as fast as possible.

What is the shipping cost of a steel building? Freight cost will vary with the weight of the building and the destination location. To save our customers money on shipping expenses we use a packing strategy called share-loading to ship as many buildings as possible in one full semi truck load.

What are the construction stages for steel building kits? After you order a steel building kit from us, we will ship it to in sections so you can start assembling it as soon as possible, also this reduces the amount of apace you will need to store your building material since it will arrive in several smaller shipments. For more information about this construction process please review our page on the steel building kit process. If you still have any questions feel free to contact one of our building engineers today.

How fast can my steel building be delivered to me? The time varies on which product you choose. Our building kits are already manufactured and stored across the country. They can be delivered to you within a few days. Our custom built solutions can take much longer depending on the time needed to design, build and ship the final product to you. Your expert steel building designer can help you determine the timeframe.

Is a foundation needed? A simple, foundation is needed. Your building kit will come with specific instructions to explain how large a foundation is needed and the simple materials to use in building it.

Who will erect my building? Many of our buildings can easily be erected by you and a friend to save money. You can also contact a local contractor or talk to us about our erection and rigging services. We'll do everything we can to ensure you have a good experience.

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