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Steel Frame Kit Building Process

A key reason that makes A1 Steel Buildings so attractive to building owners is A1's committment to saving money during the building process. We do this by making it safe an easy for individual building owners to erect the framing structure themselves, thus saving thousands of dollars. Of course if you don't want to build it yourself you will still save money by our kits being so simple that they will reduce the hours a subcrontractor would normally spend erecting the building on your site. We give you the control to build it yourself on your land or. Buying an A1 Steel Building kit is easy and saves money on installation when compared to our competitors or other building types.

Building Wall Panels
As we prepare your A1 Steel Building Frame Kit to be shipped to you, we will ship you a easy to understand set of blueprints including the complete floor layout drawing. This will help get you ready for the units to arrive and be able to start preparing for them. Then when our steel frame kit arrives at your building site you can easily match it up to our building grid. This helps streamline the building process and ensure a stress free time for you. A1 Steel Buildings is committed to ensuring your satisfaction through all stages of the building process.

Wall and Truss Assembly
As the wall and truss units arrive at your location you will be able to quickly raise them into their proper places over each clearly identified building grid. All steel material is pre cut cut to ensure easy access for plumbing fixtures and windows. Since you are using stainless steel materials you enjoy another benefit - that of the lightweight yet strong pre-assembled truss assemblies. These arrive at your building site with our specially designed truss clips. Best of all you will not need to rent or hire any lifting equipment. These materials are so lightweight you can do it yourself with this stainless steel frame building kit. With these highly engineered wall and roof trusses you can rest assured your building will safely endure high snowloads and strong winds that wooden structures just can't withstand.

Building Connections
These modern steel structures use pre-designed materials that are easy to assemble. Gone are the days of hammering nails and hoping it holds together 20 years later. Our structures are fastened with stainless steel screws and fasteners that are made easy to connect with any magnetic screwdriver. Our screws are tested to be more secure than any old fashioned metal nail. Metal nails do not have ridges like out stainless steel screws do. This is why the steel screws are better. These building connections are easier and faster to complete with todays motorized tools. You will enjoy several generations of use from any of our steel framed kits.

It just makes sense to order an A1 Steel Building Frame kit. It is stronger and will survive more than any wooden structure can and you can save yourself great amounts of money by constructing it yourself. Contact us today for more information about our complete line of buildings. Modern metal buildings are the solution to todays problems.

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