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Prefab Steel Buildings

A1 Steel Buildings provides a wide variety of prefabricated steel buildings that are perfect for any do-it-yourself project. Our metal building kits makes it easy for you to save money by completing the project yourself without needing to hire a contractor to assemble it. We strive to provide a wide variety for all of our customers from the large corporations to the weekend warrior looking to tackle another DIY building project. No matter what the size is of your project we can help you at A1 Steel Buildings with our extensive line of prefab steel buildings. We also offer special pre fabricated steel buildings to be used as a farm buildings or a steel airplane hanger.

Our Proud Steel Building Reputation
Our steel buildings are constructed to a higher standard because we want repeat business. We want your prefab steel building to stand as a testament for our high quality and for it to be a glowing example to all of your family, friends and coworkers that see it why they should call A1 Steel Buildings when they have a need for more storage space or expanded offices or even portable classrooms for a growing school.

High Quality Steel Buildings
These prefab steel buildings are built with high quality stainless steel that provide you with a lightweight and high strength solution. These metal building kits will last you for generations even though they are simple enough to be built in a very little time. These DIY building kits are also ideal for any boy scout looking to do their eagle building project to help the community. Whether you need a storage building that will work within your residential zoning area or you need a storage unit to handle excess industrial materials our prefab steel buildings are the solution for you.

Easy to Assemble
Our award winning prefab stele building kits can be built very quickly depending on which model you pick the assembly time can be as little as two hours or a few days. We will provide you with easy to read instructions to help guide you on your way. No prior building experience is needed to assemble these metal building kits. Of course we can also work with your contractor if you prefer not to construct your steel building system.

Cost-effective Building Kit
Because we do most of the work in the shop pre-fabricating your building kit, we can do it faster and cheaper than on-site construction. Also since you are ordering direct from a steel building manufacturer we can cut out the middle man and pass those savings onto you. This is a great deal. By ordering our prefab steel building kit you save money with our high efficiency building process, your diy assembly and by ordering direct from the manufacturer. Enjoy the pleasures of a quality steel building today and contact us.

We are proud to provide
100% American made products.

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