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Common Mistakes of Building Buyers

    Picking the Wrong Building Type

A common mistake of people buying steel buildings is to buy the wrong type of building for what they need. This can happen when the buyer is not fully informed or does not prepare themselves.

To avoid making this mistake, before you start shopping for any building you should first create a list of what you want the building to enable you to do. You should ask yourself how are you going to use this building. Clearly define and prioritize the needs of this new building. This will help you to ensure that your new building can accommodate all of your critical needs. And after a potential building meets your critical needs you can then judge it on other less critical wants you may have.

When you are creating the list of your critical needs, think back to when you bought your first home. Before you started visiting homes you probably already knew what style of home you wanted, how many bedrooms and bathrooms you need and how many rooms you wanted. Or when you went shopping for a car you probably already knew how big a car you wanted, how many people it had to fit, if it was going to be used for hauling equipment (need a truck), transporting children (need a minivan) or used for commuting (need a coupe). Before you go steel building shopping You need to do give that same type of thought.

Here are some questions to help start you thinking about what building will best fill your needs:
  • How is this building going to make things easier?
  • What is the minimum square feet of space that I need
  • Do I need wide open space or can I use columns?
  • Do I need the building to be a minimum height or width?
  • How large a door do I need and where do I need the doors?
  • Will I insulate the building?
  • Do I need the buildings' appearance to meet any guidelines?
  • Do I have any future plans for extending the width or length of the building?
  • Do I need a high-pitched roof for rain and snow load or a flat roof?
  • Are there any local building permit requirements?
By reviewing these questions you will be better able to make sure you buy a steel building that fulfills your needs. Also do not forget to think about how you want to handle the erection of the steel building and the financing of it.
    Other Common Mistakes
  1. Picking the Wrong Building Type
  2. Skipping Building Permits and Regulations
  3. Not Knowing Hidden Costs of Building
  4. Sacrificing Quality for Quantity
  5. Quickly Buying a Long Term Building
  6. Not picking A1 Steel Buildings (just kidding but you can't blame us for trying)
We hope this information helped you. If you would like to add to this information please contact us. We hope to provide helpful information to all consumers in the steel and metal building industry regardless of where you ultimately order from.

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