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Common Mistakes of Building Buyers

    Not Knowing Hidden Costs of Building

A steel building or any metal building for that matter has some hidden costs. The obvious cost is how much it costs to buy the building materials from the manufacturer. Additional costs can be as simple as shipping/handling and taxes (which can add up to 10%-30% of the purchase price). More hidden costs are the construction and foundation costs.

A steel or metal building of any significant size will need a solid foundation (often a cement foundation). Depending on what area of the world you live in this foundation will need to deal with the depth of the frost and you local water table. Make sure to ask for questions about what foundation is needed and then gather estimates for that foundation. We have seen some extreme situations where the customer has paid more on the foundation that the actual steel building.

If you are planning on saving the construction costs and to build it yourself, make sure you can build it yourself. Many steel buildings are listed as DIY but require special equipment which you may need to rent. Also rarely can you construct a steel building by yourself. You will need friends to help you. You may need anywhere from two to twenty people to help you depending on how big and how complicated the building kit is you buy.

Less costly but still overlooked costs also include add-ons for windows, doors and insulation. Then you should also add permit filing costs with the state and/or local government, any fees for the electrical, phone and water company.

Don't be too worried about these hidden costs. Just be aware of them. Some of them are good investments like insulation which will save you energy costs in the future and improved windows and doors which can help your resale value. By being informed you can make smart decisions that are right for you and will help you in the long-run.

P.S. Don't forget this will probably increase you property taxes, so be ready for the taxman cometh.
    Other Common Mistakes
  1. Picking the Wrong Building Type
  2. Skipping Building Permits and Regulations
  3. Not Knowing Hidden Costs of Building
  4. Sacrificing Quality for Quantity
  5. Quickly Buying a Long Term Building
  6. Not picking A1 Steel Buildings (just kidding but you can't blame us for trying)
We hope this information helped you. If you would like to add to this information please contact us. We hope to provide helpful information to all consumers in the steel and metal building industry regardless of where you ultimately order from.

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