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Common Mistakes of Building Buyers

    Skipping Building Permits and Regulations

Another common mistake that buyers of steel and metal buildings make is that they skip or overlook their local building permits and building regulations. Most places in the United States have regulations that building structures need to follow. Before you do anything you should first find out if there are any limitations for your area.

For example are there limitations on whether the space is zoned for residential or commercial use? If there are zoning issues does it apply to the buildings' appearance, its height or square footage? Are there any fire/safety regulations? It is easy to find out. Just contact you local government and ask them or visit your local library. Often these building regulations are available there. If there are zoning limitations you can normally file for an exception from the zoning commission. Be prepared to explain why you should be granted it and just remember no two situations are the same. The zoning commission will want to review all of your specifics and allow for your neighbors to comment. It is often helpful to gain the support of your neighbors before approaching the zoning board.

If you need to apply for a building permit, you will probably need to provide certified blueprint plans of your proposed construction. They must be certified by at third-party that is registered for your area. All proper steel building manufacturers will help you with this step. Once you submit these technical drawing, they will then be used to hold you to your plan when your construction is reviewed by a building inspector. They are normally concerned with issues like the electrical wiring, if the ceiling can handle rain, snow or high wind (depending on your area) and earthquake safety. The larger your building is and the more people that will be inside of it, the tougher the regulations you will need to follow. Most steel building manufacturers are already aware of these regulations and will only sell you a building that has already been approved for your area. This means a steel building manufacturer may actually refuse to sell you a specific model if they already know it will not be approved for your specific area.

In addition to the blueprints of the building, make sure it covers the foundation. A steel building isn't just built on the ground. You can build a shed on the ground, but anything bigger than a shed needs support from a firm foundation. These may be included in a seperate set of blueprints. Make sure you review these before buying so you can be aware of how much investment you need for the foundation which is not included in your cost (we'll talk more about this in part 3).

WARNING - If you are talking with a steel building manufacturer and they are unable to provide you with certified blueprints, you should think twice. Why are they refusing a standard request that most local governments insist on to ensure public safety?
    Other Common Mistakes
  1. Picking the Wrong Building Type
  2. Skipping Building Permits and Regulations
  3. Not Knowing Hidden Costs of Building
  4. Sacrificing Quality for Quantity
  5. Quickly Buying a Long Term Building
  6. Not picking A1 Steel Buildings (just kidding but you can't blame us for trying)
We hope this information helped you. If you would like to add to this information please contact us. We hope to provide helpful information to all consumers in the steel and metal building industry regardless of where you ultimately order from.

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