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Common Mistakes of Building Buyers

    Sacrificing Quality for Quantity

You may be wondering why we use the word "quantity" when you are only planning on buying one steel building. We are talking about the quantity of the square footage and similar items. It is important to buy the right building for the job and not the cheapest square foot or lowest priced building.

The first thing to know is that not all steel and metal is the same. They have different thickness and strength. Also they can be prepared differently and have different protective painting & coatings on the steel building. If a manufacturer offers you a much lower price on what appears to be the same building, you should ask questions to make sure you are comparing the same quality of building.

Secondly, it is smart to identify your long-term costs and then prioritizing building features that reduce your long-term maintenance and operation costs. By doing this you will have a higher initial cost but you will recover that expense in the long-run and actually experience greater savings overall. For example, if you want a classroom space and you buy a steel arch building is a cheaper building solution you will have problems. It has a lower amount of usable space for classrooms and adding a window or insulation to it will be more expensive than adding it to a better suited steel building.

If you are making an investment in a long-term building, spend the same amount of time you would if you were making a stock investment. Make sure it is the right building for your current needs. Ask if it can be converted to accommodate any future needs you may have or will you have to buy another building for that. What guarantees do they have on their products if something needs to be repaired or replaced? By being smart and doing some extra work early in the process you will save yourself headaches for years to come.
    Other Common Mistakes
  1. Picking the Wrong Building Type
  2. Skipping Building Permits and Regulations
  3. Not Knowing Hidden Costs of Building
  4. Sacrificing Quality for Quantity
  5. Quickly Buying a Long Term Building
  6. Not picking A1 Steel Buildings (just kidding but you can't blame us for trying)
We hope this information helped you. If you would like to add to this information please contact us. We hope to provide helpful information to all consumers in the steel and metal building industry regardless of where you ultimately order from.

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